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Poster:Post date:2014-04-10
  1. Inuhiko Yomota (四方田犬彥)


  Time: April 5-15, 2014

  Research title: Representations of Religious Figure in Traditional Cultures of Taiwan and Japan


2. Sang-Yeon Loise Sung (成尚娟)

  Lecturer, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, Austria

  Time: April 13-27, 2014

  Research title: The Role of K-pop in the Negotiation and Construction of Contemporary Taiwanese Identity


3. Maria Cruz Berrocal

   Research Fellow, Department of History and Sociology, Zukunfstkolleg (College of the Future), Universität Konstanz, Germany

   Time: May 18-31, 2014

   Research title: Taiwan in the 17th Century: Archaeology of Early Colonialism and the Beginnings of Globalization


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