Dr. Ann Heylen to Present Paper at Yonsei University, South Korea(December 5, 2014)

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Poster:Post date:2014-12-03

       The 9th International Conference on Korean Language, Literature, and Culture: The Dilemma of Colonial Language Reform Movements in East Asia

December 5, 2014
Chang Ki-Won International Conference Room,

Yonsei University, South Korea


Organizered by Department of Korean Language and Literature, BK21 Plus Project, Yonsei University
Sponsored by the Harvard Yenching Institute

Appropriating Haugens Model of Language Planning to Taiwanese (Taiyu): Reaching beyond the Japanese Colonial Period

Real Estate Terminology Modernized: A Philological Approach to Land Reformation in Colonial Taiwan

Japanese Loan Words in Korean, Taiwanese (Taiyu) and Taiwanese Hakka

L2 Taiwanese Phonetic Features and Language Attitudes of New Immigrants: Using a L1 Vietnamese Speaker as an Example

 Please find the Conference Program in the link below.

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