Brief History

International Taiwan Studies Center (ITSC)

Since 2009

The International Taiwan Studies Center (ITSC) was established in December 2009 as one of the initiatives taken by the College of Liberal Arts at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) to promote the internationalization of Taiwan Studies. Ann Heylen, professor at the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature was appointed the Center’s director.  

Subsequently, the Center underwent expansion in 2020, with Professor Nikki Lin and Professor Hui-ju Hsu taking on the roles of Center Directors in succession. In 2023, Professor Ann Heylen reassumed the position of Center Director, while Associate Professor Yin C. Chuang continues as the Center’s Deputy Director, with the goal of further enhancing the international influence of Taiwan Studies.


The Center first aims to help integrate resources on Taiwan Studies from different departments in order to promote Taiwan-related studies throughout the university. Secondly, it is founded to advocate Taiwan Studies worldwide by promoting international academic cooperations, such as organizing conferences, workshops and lectures, as well as signing MOU for visiting scholars and students, etc. With these efforts, the Center seeks to bring in the latest academic achievements from abroad while exposing local research accomplishments worldwide, with a vision of generating a long-term transnational network of Taiwan Studies in the future.




  • Conducting Research Programs on an Interdisciplinary Basis
  • Arranging National Conferences and Lectures
  • Publishing International Journals Related to Taiwan and East Asia Studies


Address & Location

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Mailing Address

International Taiwan Studies Center,
National Taiwan Normal University
162, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd., Taipei City 106308, Taiwan

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Center Location

Yunhe Building,
National Taiwan Normal University
3F, No.1, Yunhe St., Taipei City 106013, Taiwan